Product Carbon Footprint calculation for industrial companies

Stay one footprint ahead of your competition by unlocking climate intelligence on a product level.


Rapid and accurate calculation of product emissions using targeted calculation logic

Leverage an ISO 14067-compliant Scope 1-2 allocation model to create synergies with the Corporate Carbon Footprint, manage product variants, and generate a PCF balance.

Gather Data

Harness the power of intelligent data collection with Tanso.Our platform ingests your BOM, logistics, and Scope 1-2 data to refine insights over time. Simplifying even the most complex data sets effortlessly.

  • Seamless BOM imports from ERP/PLM/CAD
  • Logistics data per material
  • Re-purpose Scope 1 and 2 data from your CCF

Calculate Emissions

Empower your decision-making with our PCF module's comprehensive emission insights. Get an in-depth overview of emissions per category and allocate them efficiently across products.

  • Industry-focused EF database, including supplier-specific data
  • ISO 14067- & GHG Protocol compliance
  • Hybrid allocation models: pragmatic yet granular as needed

Understand your emissions

Empower your decision-making with our PCF module's comprehensive emission insights. Get an in-depth overview of emissions per category and allocate them efficiently across products.

  • Pinpoint emission hotspots effortlessly
  • Compare the impact of different materials, including recycling rates
  • Detailed breakdowns by segment, material orenergy source

Reduce your footprint

Make informed decisions with Tanso on material choices and benchmark against product variants to target high-impact improvements.

  • Benchmark products to spot opportunities for enhancements
  • Pinpoint the most cost-efficient areas for emission reduction
  • Highlight eco-friendly initiatives, from green energy to higher recycling rates

Communicate your results

Get certifiable PCF values that align with ISO & GHG protocols, making your sustainability journey effortlessly credible.

  • Export a PC certificate or integrate the data via APls
  • Full compatibility with global and industry-specific standards
  • Elevate your brand by offering greener products
VDMa x tanso

PCF STARTER – Your journey towards decarbonization starts here

Discover our beginner-friendly PC software and effortlessly calculate your carbon footprint.

Calculate your first PCFs

PCF STARTER software is a hands-on calculator that makes it easy to create an initial pragmatic carbon footprint calculation for a product. Discover emission hotspots, improve your data quality, compare products and share your results in a time and cost efficient way.

  • Exclusive and free access for VDMA members
  • Quick and effortless calculation of an initial PCF
  • Download your certificate and share your resutls
Abbildung des PCF Berechners, mit dem VDMA Mitglieder ihre ersten Co2 Fußabdrücke (PCFs) berechnen können.
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Leading industrial companies rely on Tanso for decarbonization

Discover how we are working with industry leaders to redefine what sustainable business can mean for industrial companies.

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  • Classification of your status in carbon accounting
  • Classification of your status in carbon accounting
  • Individual advice for you and your company
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Frequently asked questions about Tanso

Implementation, regulatory details, and more. You can find the answers to all of this here.

Does Tanso help me in with CSRD compliance?

CSRD reports will need to be reviewed by financial auditors. To make this process easier and save time, our software includes audit trails, lets you include attachments and grant viewing access to auditors. This process has been proven with auditors to more easily verify the completeness and correctness of your data.

How does Tanso help manage data from different data sources and IT systems?

Tanso allows you to gather the needed data across departments and locations. This might happen via simple data request forms or through raw data uploads from excel/csv files. To process large data sets more easily we also offer an API. We attach the data sources directly to the disclosure requirements in a GDPR compliant way, to make sure we remain audit proof.

When and how should I start looking into CSRD compliance?

Many medium to large sized enterprises have started their compliance process. For companies with a certain size, the first report needs to be submitted in 2026, for financial year 2025. We advise customers and prospects to do a test run of data collection until summer 2024. This way they can set up the right processes and purchase software in time for 2025. Feel free to reach out to us for more questions.

What steps in the compliance process does Tanso cover?

Tanso guides you during ESRS data collection, reporting and assurance. Once companies have performed the double materiality assessment, Tanso helps you find and gather the right data points in the right formats - being easy to understand for collaborators with few past experiences with ESG. Our main focus lies in scaling the data collection across multiple facilities and keeping this often messy and lengthy process audit proof and comparable over time.

Why is Tanso the right solution to help my company report on CSRD?

Tanso is built on precise and automated Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon accounting. CO₂e emissions are among the most complex data points within CSRD, and gathering carbon emissions activities is structurally very similar to other environmental, social or governance data. Tanso allows you to reuse that functionality to roll out the data collection process across your facilities, track their progress and manage your performance over time.

What is the difference between the Tanso modules for CCF and PCF calculations?

We offer PCF as an add-on module to our CCF core product. Since we use the overlapping data base of CCF and PCF, Tanso saves time and costs to calculate PCFs.

Can I use custom emission factors and components on the Tanso software?

Yes, it is possible to add and use custom emissions factors. We assume that the data quality along supply chains will improve within the next years and allow to use more often supplier-specific emission factors in case companies receive PCFs or LCAs from their suppliers.

What are Tansos data security and privacy measures?

The Tanso Software is fully GDPR compliant and operates on Microsoft Azure servers, which are located in Frankfurt, Germany, and are ISO 27001 certified. This ensures that robust data security and privacy measures are in place.

How time-consuming is the implimentation of the software into my organisation?

Tanso is web-based and does not necessitate ERP system integration, resulting in minimal IT effort. Typically, the first carbon balance sheet is ready within two to three months after our kickoff workshop, considering only half a day of weekly effort on your side.