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Accounting for a net zero future

Enabling industrial companies to reach their sustainability targets on a corporate and product level.

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Developed with leading industrial companies

Screenshot aus dem CO2 Accounting Tool Tanso, bei dem CO2-Emissionen in Produktkategorien und von Scope 1-3 unterteilt sind.

Carbon accounting - optimized for the manufacturing industry

Reach your emission goals in scope 1-3 with our TÜV-certified methodology. Save time and cost across divisions and locations leveraging automation and become audit-ready.

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Deep expertise in carbon accounting & full ESRS / CSRD compliance.

Lead the way in decarbonization and reach your sustainability targets

Carbon accounting, rethought and optimized for producing companies

Reach your emission goals in scope 1-3 with our TÜV-certified methodology. Save time and cost across divisions and locations leveraging automation and become audit-ready.

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Fulfill customer requests and realize competitive advantages

Calculate and optimize product emissions and get one footprint ahead of your competition. With our Product Carbon Footprint add-on module, you identify emission hotspots and efficiently fulfill customer requests.

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Collect additional sustainability KPIs, ESRS-compliant and audit-proof

Nutzen Sie unser Zusatzmodul CSRD Compliance, um weitere Nachhaltigkeits-KPIs zu erheben. Verwalten Sie Ihre ESRS-Berichterstattung integriert aus einer Hand und setzen Sie belastbare, revisionssichere Standardprozesse mit Audit-trail auf.

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Climate intelligence should not be guesswork

Discover your emission hotspots with Tanso. Sort by product, location, or department for targeted, informed sustainability measures. Harness data for a greener bottom line.

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  • Gather Data

    Launch your profile swiftly, define your carbon inventory scope, and gather essential data with ease. Gather  data across departments and locations through simple request forms or through raw data uploads from excel/csv files.

  • Calculate your emissions

    Precise Scope 1-3 calculation right at your fingertips. Use our extensive emission factor database as well as features for automated data processing in data-intensive categories (e.g. purchasing, logistics).

  • Understand your emissions

    Uncover emissions by product, location, or department. Tanso Analytics provides transparency and facilitates targeted, strategic decision-making.

  • Reduce your footprint

    Start your decarbonization journey.
Set emissions targets, track progress, and plan initiatives. Align with SBTi standards for clear goals and easy progress checks. 

  • Communicate your results

    Simplify reporting with Tanso's compliant carbon metrics. Share your carbon footprint and progress, enjoy ready-to-use figures and always stay compliant with top standards.

Our process

How we start with you

Our team of experts can help you establish best-practice processes, save time through automation, and get more out of your data.

Understand your organizational and data structure

Together with your team, we analyze the current state of your organizational structure, your processes and your data situation. We then make a proposal for the optimal setup of the Tanso software.

Professional Support

Our team of experts and our comprehensive training material will help you and the specialist departments involved to make methodological decisions and support you with technical questions.

Anlagenleiter bei der Besichtigung einer Produktionsstätte.

Focus on Automation

After successfully completing your first CO2-Inventory you'll be ready for recurring accounting - where you can save 50% or more time. Tanso provides you with comprehensive analysis capabilities to identify effective levers to achieve your reduction goals.

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Portät von Till Wiechmann, CEO und Co-Founder von Tanso Technologies.
Till Wiechmann
Co-Founder & CEO

Exchange ideas with us and take your first step towards decarbonization today.

  • Classification of your status in carbon accounting
  • Insight into our product tailored to your interests
  • Individual advice for you and your company
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What our customers say:

"We are thrilled with the efficient cooperation and the well thought-out software solution from Tanso, which enabled us to create a comprehensible CO₂ balance for Scope 1 & 2 in a very structured process. For this reason, we are looking forward to continuing the cooperation and successfully creating a CO₂ balance for Scope 3 for the first time as well."

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Foto von Alexander Brevern,
Maximilian Obermann
Sustainability Manager at Böllhoff

"Die Tanso Software hat es uns ermöglicht, die relevanten Daten zu finden sowie große Datenmengen in kurzer Zeit zu verarbeiten und zu analysieren. Wir konnten damit Unternehmensemissionen anteilsmäßig den jeweiligen Warengruppen zuordnen. Diese wertvollen Erkenntnisse bilden für uns die Basis für konkrete Reduktionsmaßnahmen."

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Foto von Alexander Brevern,
Christian Bracke
Environmental Manager at Nexans autoelectric

"The Tanso software shows its full strength when used over the long term. Thanks to the stored information and automations, we save around 50% time and effort already in the second year. In addition, we receive informative data on the distribution of our suppliers' CO₂ emissions, which we can continuously collect and refine."

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Foto von Alexander Brevern,
Mirko Münstermann
Purchasing Manager at heroal

"I am positively surprised by the comparability of the results between PCF STARTER, developed by Tanso in cooperation with VDMA, and the much more comprehensive life cycle analysis (LCA) that HEIDELBERG uses for products. Thanks to the simplicity of the tool, PCF STARTER is recommended for all manufacturers who want to start with product-specific carbon accounting. The tool is great to identify emission hotspots."

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Foto von Alexander Brevern,
Franziska Peter
Sustainability expert for environmentally compatible products in the Product Conformity Department at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG
Portrait of Gyri Reiersen, Co-Founder and CPO of Tanso, as she is planning about the CO2 accounting software Tanso.

We turn climate challenges into growth opportunities

We are driven by intelligence and ambition, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Tanso leads the way in harnessing the power of sustainability data, empowering industrial companies to thrive and become impactful allies of our planet.

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